Maximising Property Value for Homeowners

We work for homeowners who are considering selling their property within the next 3 years, with their property usually their biggest financial asset its essential we achieve the full planning potential of the property. Using our knowledge of loopholes within the local planning system we maximise the full potential value of their property before they put it to market by obtaining them planning permission for extending the property and subdividing to smaller units.

Our clients find that with this planning permission in place for additional units and the planning risk omitted, their property usually sells faster and at a higher price. This is due to an increased pool of potential buyers as banks are much more willing to lend to developers and builders if planning permission is in place when the property is purchased.

Case Studies

Example 1

This client in SW19 approached us as he was selling his house and he knew it had potential as there was some land adjacent to the property, but he did not know how to unlock its full planning potential. Through submitting several applications in a carefully organised sequence we were able to obtain the client planning permission for 5 self-contained flats (1 x 3-bed, 2 x 2-bed and 2 x 1-bed).

Example 2

A client in Tooting approached us as he was looking at selling his end of terrace house. Initially he thought he could just get planning permission for a side extension and a bigger family unit. However, we obtained him planning permission for roof extensions, 6-meter-deep rear extension, two-storey side and rear extension and subdivided the family house into 3 self-contained flats (1 x 3-bed, 1 x 2- bed and 1 x 1-bed).

Example 3

A homeowner came to me with this property in Lambeth and knew he could probably knock down the bungalow and get a house on the site but he really wanted to optimise the value of the site before he sold it. Although the site was quite large Lambeth have a policy that gardens must be a minimum size of 30 sq/m for new houses which takes up a lot of room when you are trying to get multiple units on the site. We came up with a design where we managed to squeeze three family units on the site with a contemporary design whilst still managing to meet the minimum standard allowed for garden sizes.

Example 4

A son inherited a property in Tooting and had seen that several his neighbours and obtained planning permission to split their properties into two flats. However persuading the client to think outside the box and let us submit a number of planning applications instead of just one planning application we were able to obtain planning permission for a full roof extension to the main roof and over the entire length of the outrigger, a ground and first floor extension. This enabled us to obtain permission to split the house into 4 self-contained flats (1 x 3-bed, 1 x 2-bed, 2 x 1-bed).

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